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Message From Hajj Hassanain Rajabali:

Dear WISE Parents and Students,

Salamun ‘alaykum.

We are pleased to update you on our progress regarding the new building construction at WISE Academy in Dearborn Heights. We also appreciate your patience and support while we complete this milestone project.

The extensive size, design, and technical features of the new school building has caused us a brief delay to open on time. We are nonetheless working very hard to get it ready for this coming school year. We apologize for this brief delay and inconvenience it may cause you but we are intent on utilizing the new facility as soon as possible.

Our new two-story facility is relatively large (approximately 120,000 square feet) and well equipped to foster good education in a safe and comfortable environment. We have over 45 classrooms with science and technology labs such as chemistry, biology, physics, earth science, computers and robotics. We have a full court gymnasium for basketball, volleyball and soccer. We have multiple performance theaters with state-of-the art video walls as well as a multi-lane 25 meter swimming pool. Our classrooms are equipped with the latest technologies to foster effective learning and our building is very safe and secured with high tech electronics to prevent possible intrusions. We offer classes from Pre-K to 12th grade with a class size limit of 20 students each. Our vision is to provide the best holistic education in academics, God consciousness and ethics while competing with the finest schools locally and nationally.

We appreciate your patience and trust you have placed with us at WISE Academy and we feel honored to have this wonderful opportunity to enhance and promote the future of our youth in education.  Your continued support encourages us to reach higher goals and to rise to excellence perpetually. May the Almighty grant us continued success to promote and achieve His purpose for creating us which is to promote good with kindness and love and to forbid evil with better alternatives, and to be aware of His Mercy. Thank you.


Hassanain Rajabali

Director & CEO

WISE Academy



I wish to enroll my son to WISE Academy because I have had such a great experience with my older son being there. I believe that he will get the best education academically and also be spiritually enlightened. The children and staff are all so well mannered and have a genuine care towards one another. I go to work leaving my children at school not worried that they will be influenced in a negative way and that in itself is a blessing. I thank Alllah (swt) everyday that this school is available in my community and only hope that my children come out benefiting in the best of ways.

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  • WISE Graduate 2015

    WISE has allowed me to grow acedmically, mentally, and spiritually. My only wish for WISE after I leave,  is for it to continue to grow and inspire young minds.

  • WISE Graduate 2015

    The last few years have been the most exciting years of my life. Coming into WISE, I initially had no idea what to expect. Throughout my life I had always attended private schools, and by far nothing compares to WISE. It amazed me to see how quickly I was able to adapt to the environment. Alhamdulillah, not only was I able to make some great friends, but I also managed to learn something about everyone in school. Surely people don’t hear this very often about schools, but it is the truth, and above all, it is remarkable to see how everyone is acquainted with one another. During my time at WISE, I have grown closer to the students and teachers and it is truly hard to say goodbye. I am immensely proud to have attended WISE.  I wish my classmates the greatest of luck and success, and InshAllah the future graduates will pass on their amazing memories and experiences to the generations to come.

  • WISE Graduate 2015

    Leaving WISE  seems almost unreal and difficult to come to terms with. Both academy and after-school programs have helped me realize my potential and have blessed me with the opportunities to help me fulfill it. I hope that with every success and deed I accomplish in the future, I am able to give back to WISE in any way possible. WISE and all of its opportunities has helped me better understand Allah and Islam in a way I am unable to articulate so to those that I’ve met through WISE: you’re a blessing that I do not take for granted. To my fellow classmates who are taking on the world, Allah says “So patiently persevere: for verily the promise of Allah is true nor let those shake your firmness who have (themselves) no certainty of faith.” [30:60]

  • Parent

    MashaAllah, WISE is the place to be if you want your children to succeed in this life and in then next.