Academics at WISE Academy  is based on collaboration, innovation and professionalism.

Traditional ClassroomWISE Learning Classroom
Curriculum begins with the parts of the whole. Emphasizes basic skills.Curriculum emphasizes big concepts, beginning with the whole and expanding to include the parts.
Strict adherence to fixed curriculum is highly valued.Pursuit of student questions and interests is valued.
Materials are primarily textbooks and workbooks.Materials include primary sources of material and manipulative materials.
Learning is based on repetition.Learning is interactive, building on what the student already knows.
Teachers disseminate information to students; students are recipients of knowledge.Teachers have a dialogue with students, helping students construct their own knowledge.
Teacher's role is directive, rooted in authority.Teacher's role is interactive, rooted in negotiation.
Assessment is through testing, correct answers.Assessment includes student works, observations, and points of view, as well as tests. Process is as important as product.
Knowledge is seen as inert.Knowledge is seen as dynamic, ever changing with our experiences.
Students work primarily alone.Students work primarily in groups.