Mission & Vision

Mission: WISE Academy aims to provide education to all students based on high academic standards and to facilitate their achievement of cognitive, developmental and spiritual needs through scholastic excellence.

WISE Academy is an independent college preparatory school that provides its students a superior, challenging and holistic education in a high moral setting. We cater to students from diverse backgrounds and motivate them to achieve intellectual, spiritual, and physical excellence with a conscious appreciation for Divine blessings. We instill in students a dignified lifestyle reflecting the best academic standards and ethical demeanor to achieve personal success and to represent their families and communities as effective and confident leaders.

Wise Emblem_5

Vision: The school’s culture is based on the vision of Honoring the Divine, Rising to Excellence.

“The similitude of the learned on earth is like that of the stars in the sky: people take them as a guide in the darkness of the land and sea; if they are blotted out, then those being guided will soon lose their way.” – The Holy Prophet (saww)