About Wise Academy
WISE Academy aims to provide education to all students based on high academic standards and to facilitate their achievement of cognitive, developmental and spiritual needs through scholastic excellence.
WISE Academy
WISE Academy has a vision – a high standard school promoting academic excellence in a faith based and safe environment for our students.
We motivate our students to achieve intellectual, spiritual, and physical excellence with cognitive appreciation for Divine blessings. They learn and experience dignified lifestyles to reflect the best ethical and academic standards and to become confident leaders.
Our Approach
Our approach to learning makes all the difference to students’ academia and growth. WISE aims to nurture its students in an environment built for improvement. We believe that not only is a child’s education important, but that their attitude, mindset, and most importantly, moral values are vital for anyone’s success. We endeavor to teach our students that good manners and values such as being kind, respectful, and ethics are just as important as their academics and education.
That is why at WISE we reward those students who excel in their behavior as well as academics, and encourage those who need an extra push in the right direction. At our school, your child will be influenced to do what is right and know what is wrong — both when it comes to their studies and their social interactions on a day-to-day basis.