Afterschool Academic Support
After school program that is individualized based on student’s needs. The aim is provide  differentiated instruction to assist students in understanding subject matter skills and learning objectives.
One on One
Students attending WISE during the week will get one-on-one tutoring if necessary based on their progress during the school year. Our tutors work with each child to help them understand concepts and to direct them to various sources online to enhance the subject being studied. Each child may receive up to two hours per week of tutoring.
Group studies and sharing with other students in similar subjects and grade level makes learning very dynamic and fruitful. Students and tutors can engage each other to discuss concepts and group questions asked by students tend to increase awareness of the subject.
Home Visits
WISE can schedule home tutoring if requested by parents at an additional fee. Sometimes this form of tutoring is necessary to engage a child to further understand a subject they need help on. Our tutors are available based on their schedule for the week requested.

Program content focuses on:
• Reading Comprehension
• Vocabulary
• Word knowledge and analysis
• Fluency
• Phonics


Areas of skill development include:
• Organization and application of the writing process – prewriting, drafting, revising, editing and publishing.
• Formulation and application of composition techniques – thesis statements, topic sentences, organized details and transitions.
• Composition types – descriptive, illustrative, persuasive, cause and effect and compare and contrast.


Program content focuses on:
Middle School Math
• Fractions
• Decimals
• Area, perimeter and volume – Graphing
• Probability and Statistics
• The Four Operations
• Ratio, proportion and percent – And more!
High School Math
• Algebra 1 & 2
• Precalculus
• Geometry
• Calculus
• Trigonometry
• Integrated Math


Our science program offers assistance in a variety of areas:
• Earth Science
• Life Science
• Biology
• Chemistry
• Physics

Qur’an Classes

As the final revelation to mankind, the prescription of the Holy Qur’an is an important guideline for all who want to seek a moral pathway to success. Our instructors focus on various aspects of understanding this divine book.

Islamic Classes

A moral community enhances a creative society and encourages caring and sharing. Islamic courses at WISE are tailored to help instill ethical standards through self-examination and critical thinking.

Foreign Languages

Our students are blessed to be among a community of various world religions and it is imperative that they recognize and understand the commonalities and differences between them. The more our students are aware of the diversity at hand, the better they will be at understanding their own.
Languages offered: