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Academic Curriculum

WISE Academy’s curriculum is chosen through a comprehensive review process to ensure that our students are provided with high-quality education. As a private school, WISE Academy implements a curriculum and a learning plan that will support students in meeting Michigan State Common Core standards and benchmarks across all core subjects

If you have any questions about our curriculum, please do not hesitate to contact the Elementary Administrator and we will be happy to schedule time to meet with you to look through our curriculum so that we can partner in supporting our students.

Our current curriculum aligns to the State of Michigan Common Core standards (CCSS), benchmarks and Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

Differentiated Instruction

WISE Academy strives to meet the needs of all students. We provide coursework, challenges, and supports to meet the needs of our high achievers as well as our students in need of academic support. Academic support for our students may be conducted in the following ways:


Resource & Support

At WISE Academy, we have an elementary resource & curriculum coordinator and teacher aids to provide math and reading supports to our 1st -5th students who are performing above or below grade-level. Service decisions are made collaboratively between teachers and the coordinator. Support can be scheduled to “push in” and support students in their classroom, or may be scheduled to pull students to work on specific skills in the resource room. Our classroom teachers provide students with extra supports in the areas of reading and math. Our goal at WISE Academy is for students to receive the interventions that they need in order to meet grade-level standards and excel beyond their grade level. During our Literacy & Math blocks, our students who are working at or above grade level are able to work on assignments and activities that promote prolonged learning. This can be done through small group instruction, one-on-one, centers, re-teaching and retesting.


In our daily schedules, we have intervention time planned for students who are performing below grade level. This intervention time is one-on-one and it is for students with gaps in their emergent reading skills and comprehension. As we do the interventions, we also do progress monitoring and we target skills one at a time. All struggling students receive interventions and practice in the skills they need in order to fill in all the gaps. With interventions, we help our students practice and apply skills one at a time before we give any assessments.

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Special Education

Special education services are made available after a comprehensive special education evaluation though the Crestwood Schools district and full collaboration and agreement between the student’s teachers and family. The school then collaborates to create an Non Public service plan (NPS) which is also known as Individualized Education Plan (IEP) with two purposes: to set realistic learning goals for the student, and to state the services that the student needs. Special education services will only begin with parent approval and will be provided by the Crestwood Special Education Department at WISE Academy.


Homework is an extension of what is taught in the classroom and an opportunity for students to apply skills and concepts learned. We ask parents to stress that homework is the student’s responsibility. Homework will be given on a regular basis. The amount and type of homework varies with the age of the student and the requirements of each teacher. Please contact the classroom teacher if you have any questions or concerns about your student’s homework. All students in Grade 1 through Grade 5 are required to use their WISE Academy planner on a daily basis. When family emergencies prevent your student from completing assignments or if your student frequently does not understand or cannot complete the homework assignments, please notify the classroom teacher immediately so that you and the teacher can partner in ensuring student success.


Textbooks and Instructional Materials

School textbooks and other instructional materials are provided for student use in the classroom. Students are responsible for taking care of the school materials and supplies they use. Student textbooks and/or materials may be sent home. Students will be charged a fee for for any damaged/lost books.  Students will also be charged for any books or materials that are not returned. Administration will assess the replacement costs of all damaged materials.