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Pre K to Kindergarten


A Montessori Start

WISE Academy provides children with a Montessori start which enables them to discover, create and develop high-order thinking for a strong foundation for their academic journey ahead.

Through the Montessori philosophy and methodology, children learn through hands-on activities and experiences in the six areas of learning: Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, Mathematics, Science/Culture and Arabic/Islamic.

In the WISE Montessori Department, we recognize and respect that all children have their own unique learning journey. This fundamental respect for every child’s natural capacity and growth allows us to foster a love of learning intrinsically while encouraging concentration, initiative, imagination, self-confidence and independence. We ensure every child makes good choices and exercises self-mastery/discipline.


Practical Life Activities

Mastery in the Practical Life area of Montessori ensures mastering self-reliance, independence, confidence and a higher self-esteem. Practical Life activities also help enhance focus, hand-eye coordination and concentration.

Sensorial Activities

Sensorial activities develop and heighten the awareness of the child’s senses. Through repetition, the child will be able to differentiate between the slightest differences and variations. The Montessori Sensorial exercises isolate one specific sense at a time, maximizing its refinement.


Language Activities

Montessori Language materials and activities materials provide children with accelerated skills of communication and expression, organization and classification and development of thought. The child is taught language through a specific progression of lessons.

Mathematics Activities

In the area of Mathematics, children learn to convert abstract mathematical concepts into concrete concepts through the Montessori materials. Through a specific progression of materials and lessons, methods, children develop a strong and solid foundation in the understanding of foundational mathematical skills and concepts.


Science and Culture Activities

The Montessori Science/Culture area consists of activities in geography, general science, zoology, botany, astronomy and history.
Cultural units of study are units which are largely developed to help the child adapt to their own society. They begin with concrete experiences that children might encounter in their environment, and then provide them with an understanding of the more abstract principles through carefully scaffolded interactions with their environment.

Arabic and Islamic Activities

Arabic/Islamic lessons are taught through hands-on materials and activities to provide children with concrete knowledge of the Arabic language and Islamic concepts and ideas.