Summer  Program
The Exceptional Summer Program will begin on Tuesday, June 25th, and will be held every Tuesday through Thursday, with field trips on some Fridays. Our program accommodates beginner, intermediate, and advanced Arabic levels, and is taught by our highly qualified and certified staff. Additionally, Islamic classes will be taught with a focus on Tawheed, Quran memorization, and its application.
Small classroom sizes, interactive discussions, prayer, mentor-ship etc. Enrolling students ages 4-16. The cost is $99.00 per week with a 5% discount for siblings. There is a required one-time cost of $25 per child upon enrolment for books/ materials.
The WISE approach to Arabic proficiency:

  • All students will engage in a detailed assessment, including reading, writing and spoken, to determine each student’s proficiency in Arabic.
  • Students will be placed in Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced classes based on their assessment results.
  • Subsequently, a custom learning program will be tailored to help focus on the areas which need improvement.
  • Students will engage in various Arabic workshops with other students to help them apply their skills in real-life situations.
  • Each student’s progress will be closely monitored to assure proficiency and fluency in instructed subject matters.

Islamic Classes
A moral community enhances a creative society and encourages caring and sharing. Islamic courses at WISE are tailored to help instill ethical standards through self-examination and critical thinking. Students will learn how to address common problems they face every day in society without sacrificing their moral principles. Classes will promote dialogue and free thought in logical ways while referencing legitimate sources. The goal of the course is to empower the student to independently analyze fundamental issues in religion and Islam and to construct a moral lifestyle. Emphasis is always placed on recognizing humanity and the various religious beliefs as part of the universal plan of God.
Qur’an Classes
As the final revelation to mankind, the prescription of the Holy Qur’an is an important guideline for all who want to seek a moral pathway to success. Our instructors focus on various aspects of understanding this divine book. From basic reading skills in Arabic to the overall message for humanity, our students will have a much better grasp of the message given by God and they will have a better understanding of how to implement it in their daily lives.
WISE Camp Sessions:

Our talented staff will facilitate interactive and engaging workshops. These include: Islamic/Quran and Arabic language classes, science exploration, gym, arts/crafts, and prayer sessions. 

There will be activities every week centered around these tentative themes:

- Week 1: June 25- June 27 : Sports Extravaganza

- Week 2 : July 2 - July 3: Under the Sea

- Week 3: July 9- July 11: Artful Antics

- Week 4: July 16- July 18 : Inventors Workshop

- Week 5:  July 23- July 25 : Amazing Race

- Week 6: July 30- August 1: Force and Motion

Please note, camp will not be held on Thursday July 4.

Dress Code:

Please make sure your child wears comfortable clothes and gym shoes (No flip flops or sandals) as students will be participating in sports activities. Girls 9 and up should wear modest clothing ( no tights, leggings, shorts, or tank tops please). All girls 6 and up should bring a head scarf or praying clothes for prayer time.


Students can purchase a lunch meal for 6 dollars per meal. The meal includes options like pizza and salad, chicken strips and fries or pasta with garlic bread. Juice drinks and additional snacks are also provided at an extra cost. Students may also choose to pack their own lunch.

Drop off and Pick up:

Please proceed to the back entrance and park in the assigned parking areas when dropping off and picking up your child. Children 5 years and younger should be signed in and out of their classrooms.

Please adhere to the time schedule for pick up and drop off.

First day:

As you enter the WISE Academy building on the first day of Camp, one of our staff members will greet you. Your child will then line up with his/ her teacher and classmates for morning assembly.

Looking forward to meeting your children on the first day of Summer Camp!

Give your child an academic and social advantage through the WISE Saturday program. Call or visit WISE today to see how we can help your child get ahead.